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Lizzie K.

Ken exceeded our swim team's expectations by FAR! Not only is his work amazing, but his personality allows him to be extremely easy to work with. He builds relationships with all of his clients and truly has a passion for what he does. His experience and knowledge of the sport of swimming along side of his creative talent produced hundreds of amazing images for us.  Can't wait to book another session with him!

Sharon L.

I would just like to take a few minutes to share our wonderful experience with our underwater swim team pictures taken and provided to us by Ken. Not only did they turn out absolutely fabulous, but Ken went out of his way to make us extremely happy clients! He maintained fantastic customer service throughout the whole process!  This was the best and by far the coolest investment that I have ever made for my oldest son's pictures!  I hope to do my other 3 kids as well in the future.  If you like a unique setting and something out of the ordinary picture settings...look no further, as Ken is definitely your guy!  I will be happy to share our experience with anyone who may want a testimonial from us, as Ken has my permission to give out my email to anyone that may request if for this purpose only.  A big thank you to Ken from my family.

Leigh S.

What a great experience and a really cool product!  My kid didn't even want to come, but then it was hard to get him out of the water. The pictures are Amazing. Definitely glad we had the opportunity to work with Ken.



Leslie S.

I recently took my kids to get underwater pictures by Ken and boy am I glad I did!! He made them feel so comfortable.  

Abi W.

I cannot say enough great things about our experience with Ken!  He made our family very comfortable and we had tons of fun.  Our daughter is only 4 years old and she had a blast!  The images turned out great and are like no other family pictures we have.  Recently we sent a few underwater images of our daughter to our family, and they LOVED them! I highly recommend Ken Kiefer Photography, and look forward to using him again in the future for more creative family pictures.

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